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program for the Cooling and Heating Loads calculation (Cooling Load calculation according to ASHRAE CLTD / SCL / CLF method and Heating Load calculation according to DIN 4701 in 59/83, EN12831 and SNiP methodology), with Ordinary Input Mode (by entering a value) and a Dynamic Input Mode (by entering data directly into AutoCAD drawings drawing).

Program offers to the customers possibility of fast input data, the possibility of simply changing the already entered data, easy to use and offers a wide range of reports for viewing and printing

Using Ordinary Input Mode, the values are written in appropriate fields.General data in Building Data Window are input first, Templates after that, end finally, levels and rooms.

Using Dynamic Input Mode, ie. by data input directly to AutoCAD drawing, input is made easier and faster As in Ordinary Input Mode General data in Building Data Window are input first, Templates after that, end finally, levels and instead of inputting rooms desired AutoCAD files are selected and opened. Then, Building Elements are conveniently input using additional ‘HANIBAL’ toolbar. The building elements input in this way are rooms, external walls, roofs, partitions, glass types etc. After inputting all Building Elements, the data are exported from AutoCAD drawing into program, which performs the calculation.

Program was aimed to be as similar to common knowledge MS Windows applications (Word, Excel, etc.) in order to facilitate the work and get used..Therefore, the program contains the typical elements of Widows, such as the menu bar, toolbar, command buttons, text boxes, labels, dropdown lists, etc., so that the successful use of this program enough basic knowledge of using Microsoft Windows. 

The current look and features of the program, ease of data entry and any subsequent changes to data are the result of our joint work with a lot of our customers - HVAC designers, through the optimization of work of program and meeting all the needs that arise during design.

Program supports multi-language mode, simply type in the appropriate table expressions from the program of the desired language. So enter expressions would later appear in the window and in reports to print, if you select that language.

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