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registered in Serbian Authors Agency as Author's Work No. S-29 /04

Company HANIBALSOFT LLC was established in January 2006. The only activity of the company is the improvement and distribution of HANIBALsoft suite for thermo calculations.

HANIBALsoft software package is created for HVAC installations designing. The package has been operating since 1999(.) when the programs for the Cooling and Heating Load Calculation and One Pipe Heating System came onto the market.

HANIBALsoft software package is now used in more than 100 companies in Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia as well as by hundreds of independent HVAC designers from all countries listed. In recent years HVAC installations have been designed for the most important facilities in the region through this package.

HANIBALsoft5.0 software package includes the following programs:

hanDobGub program for the Cooling and Heating Loads calculation (Cooling Load calculation according to ASHRAE CLTD / SCL / CLF method and Heating Load calculation according to DIN 4701 in 59/83, EN12831 and SNiP methodology)

hanPCM program for calculation, pipe sizing and balancing for two pipe cooling/heating systems networks , with automatic selection of radiator and fan-coil devices.

hanKanCalc program for air ducts calculation, dimensioning and balancing

hanOPCalc program for calculation of the one pipe heating system

hanPGrCalc program for calculation of floor heating according to EN1264

Additional program that is not the part of the suite HANIBALsoft5.0 is :
hanPipeCalc program for calculation of arbitrary pipelines with arbitrary fluid

Current capabilities of each program of the packages go far beyond the capabilities of the first version of each of them, as a result of meeting the requirements of HVAC designers - users of these programs and almost every day during these ten years. Anyone who is a member of the user club can set the phone request for the addition of a new, or the improvement of an existing option, the result of which is that the new requirements occur only in the design of a highly atypical projects.

In recent years improvement of the program pack mostly related to the introduction of new standards in the process of data entry by linking our programs with AutoCAD application. The latest version of the package offers Dynamic input Mode, ie. direct data entry of appropriate elements by drawing them in AutoCAD drawings, from where the data is imported into programs where the calculation is done automatically.

Author of the suite HANIBALsoft is Čolaković Dragan B.Sc.C.E. from Belgrade, while the counselors were many prominent HVAC design engineers and IT specialists.The most deserving for today's program features are: Prof. Dr. Branislav Todorovic B.Sc.C.E., Ivan Sretenović B.Sc.C.E., Damjan Zajc B.Sc.C.E., Mr. Dusan Mirkovic B.Sc.C.E., Dr. Olivera Ećim B.Sc.C.E., Jovo Krulj B.Sc.C.E. and Ivan Zlatanović B.Sc.C.E.. The great contribution to the development of this software package was given by the teams of engineers from Termoprojekt, Koling, Energoprojekt, etc.




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